A history lesson for modern society.

I am one.

I am one in a million.

I am one of the ones
Lucky enough to consider myself equal,
But only because my passport says so.
But I am one of a tribe with no nation,
Bound by the borders that divide us.

I am one of the flag bearers and paint wearers,
The Queens and the Queers,
The ones in drag and the fabulous fags,
The Lezzies, Lezers and Lesbos,
The Muff Divers and Rug Munchers,
The Diesel Dykes and the Todger Dodgers,
And let's not forget the Scissor Sisters.

The Anal Assassins, Butt Bandits and Bum Boys,
The Shirt Lifters and Men Shifters,
The Flamin' Flowery Fairy Faggots,
The Limp Wristed Poofs and the Camp Sissy Pansies
(Now that sounds like a flower I'd like to plant).

The Fudge Packers, Fence Sitters and Gender Benders,
The Chicks with Dicks and The Trannies with Fannies,
The Dick Lickers and the Bean Flickers.
I am one.

I am one of the thousands who could be sentenced to death
In Yemen, Qatar and the UAE,
Iran, Sudan and Afghanistan,
Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Mauritania,

Simply for loving!

I am one Oscar Wilde
Imprisoned for "The love that dare not speak its name".

I am one wearing a pink triangle
On my way to the gas chamber
In a Nazi concentration camp.

I am one of the Stonewall rioters,
Standing up to police brutality.

I am one of the 49 gunned down in Orlando.

I am one of the Chechens
Imprisoned and killed in concentration camps
Because my family turned me in.

I am one of the innocent victims of corrective rape.
I am one of the vomit induced and electrically shocked
Because your church or government believes that I am sick and need fixing.

I am one of the spat at, pissed on, beaten, stabbed and set on fire,
On YouTube for your entertainment,
From Russia (Without love).

I am one of the tomboys and nancygirls,
Lying bloodied and bruised in the playground,
Because my butch haircut or feminine voice,
Doesn't match your idea of normal.

I am one,
Crying alone in my room,
Contemplating how to take my own life,
Because I have been led to believe
That loving my best friend,
Is the worst sin in the world,
Purely because we're the same sex.

I am one of the fighters, the defenders, the seekers of justice.
The never-ending believers in change.

I am one because I am gayer than Christmas.
I'm out and I'm proud.
I'm a card-carrying, rainbow hugging,
Lover of love.



© Hannah Tiernan 2017